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Descripcion: PIC18F47Q10 microcontrollers are optimized for robust, real time control and sensor nodes with integrated intelligent analog, configurable peripherals and


Device Overview Summary Ideal for low power (nanoWatt) and connectivity applications that benefit from the availability of three serial ports:


Version optimizada del PIC18F4550.  


Caracteristicas: Descripción de producto 56KB Flash, 4KB RAM, 256B EE, ADCC, Analog, PWM, CWG, SMT, HLT, WWDT, SCAN/CRC Pin Count

Pickit 3 compatible + Zocalo ZIF

Pickit 3 compatible con adaptador ZIF (Zocalo ZIF), para grabar de forma rápida y efectiva los microcontroladores PIC, aquí te


Device Overview Summary dsPIC30F Motor Control 16-bit Digital Signal Controller. Seamless migration options from this device to dsPIC33F and PIC24

Tarjeta para PIC de 40 pines

Esta tarjeta fue diseñada para trabajar con el PIC18F4550/PIC18F45K50, sin embargo es compatible con cualquier microcontrolador de 8 bits de

Pickit 3 Compatible + Tarjeta 40Pines

El producto consta de los siguientes componentes:
  • Pickit 3 compatible.
  • Cable USB para conectar a la PC
  • Cable Jumper
  • Tarjeta de 40 pines  

Teensy 3.6

Descripcion: The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. Each Teensy 3.6 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the onboard USB connection; no external programmer needed! You can program for the Teensy in your favorite program editor using C or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for it! The processor on the Teensy also has access to the USB and can emulate any kind of USB device you need it to be, making it great for USB-MIDI and other HID projects. The 32-bit, 180MHz processor brings a few other features to the table as well, such as multiple channels of Direct Memory Access, several high-resolution ADCs and even an I2S digital audio interface! There are also four separate interval timers plus a delay timer! Oh yeah, and all digital pins have interrupt capability and are 3.3V tolerant. All of this functionality is jammed into a 62.3mm x 18.0mm board with all solder points on a 0.1" grid so you can slap it on a breadboard and get to work! The Teensy 3.6 (as well as its sibling, the Teensy 3.5) is larger, faster and capable of more complex projects, especially with its onboard micro SD card port. An upgraded ARM Cortex MCU (180MHz from 72MHz), more memory (1M from 256K), as well as more RAM, EEPROM and accessible pins make up the key new features of this "teensy" board. The Teensy 3.6 is slightly scaled up from the Teensy 3.5 but is offered at a higher price point, comparatively. Caracteristicas:
  • 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with Floating Point Unit
  • 1M Flash, 256K RAM, 4K EEPROM
  • Microcontroller Chip MK66FX1M0VMD18
  • USB High Speed (480Mbit/sec) Port
  • 2 CAN Bus Ports
  • 32 General Purpose DMA Channels
  • 22 PWM Outputs
  • 4 I2C Ports
  • 11 Touch-Sensing Inputs
  • 62 I/O Pins (42 breadboard friendly)
  • 25 Analog Inputs to 2 ADCs with 13-bit resolution
  • 2 Analog Outputs (DACs) with 12-bit resolution
  • USB Full Speed (12Mbit/sec) Port
  • Ethernet mac, capable of full 100Mbit/sec speed
  • Native (4-bit SDIO) micro SD card port
  • I2S Audio Port, 4-Channel Digital Audio Input & Output
  • 14 Hardware Timers
  • Cryptographic Acceleration Unit
  • Random Number Generator
  • CRC Computation Unit
  • 6 Serial Ports (2 with FIFO and Fast Baud Rates)
  • 3 SPI Ports (1 with FIFO)
  • Real-Time Clock
  • 62.3mm x 18.0mm x 4.2mm (2.5in x 0.7in x 0.2in)

Pickit 4 Original

Programador Pickit 4 Original de Microchip. Fast programming, increased functionality, at the same price as its predecessor, the PICkit™ 3.

Teensy 4.1 (con Headers)

The Teensy 4.1 is the newest iteration of the astoundingly popular development platform that features an ARM Cortex-M7 processor at


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